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We’ve Got a new play,”Run Riot” by Joanna Marlow and Kevin Corkeleman. It’s a play group in an uprising against the authorities in the United Kingdom in 1977. It is a story that’s been made into a film too. And now it can be seen on stage in front of a live audience in theington arty club. Join us to get a pre-show preview of Run Riot.

Joanna Marlow plays the title role of OC. She comes from an old tainted world of London offense and her life was turned upside down with a new chance in life. She wants to find her family again and again with the support of the local gangs she might have the ability to reach this. The local gangs aren’t always what they appear…

Run riot is a quick paced play that centres on the lives of OC and her cast of friends and enemies. OC has a brother named Tommy (Robinson) who is a member of the IRA. He along with his sister Deb (Fenway) would be the pioneers of a gang known as the Kings. One of their first goals is a girl called Alice (Davies), that functions as a call girl. OC and Tommy visit plan a robbery which unfortunately goes wrong and Alice flees while Tommy is Contact us Run Riot killed. It’s then up to OC to find Alice and bring her back into the Kings.

This takes place in the London region in September. If you would like to get tickets for this wonderful show, you’ll find them online or at the regional theatre box office. The play is not suitable for kids under the age of 12. If you are buying tickets for an older child, be certain you check out the show as it is very mature in nature and you might find yourself getting a little upset.

This festival is run for 3 weeks in September and showcases all forms of theater, dance, film and visual arts. The festival runs in the week of August to the final day of October. Every year, new plays are developed and then performed by professionals at the best theaters in London.

In between all this, you can go on a bus tour around London. You Can Begin in Greenwich and move on to Manchester, Birmingham, Peterborough and London City. All the key places are represented with some of the best theatre and cinema around. To make it even better, there are also free entry to the venues and if you’re fortunate enough to attend the London Arts Festival, there will be additional free entertainment for you also.

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