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No amount is too small; we welcome and appreciate all our donors! Proceeds are allocated to the running of our organisation as well as our active projects, which include:  
  1. The Trans Pride Tailor Shop
  2. Trans Pride Litigation Funding
  3. Trans Pride Awareness Workshops
  4. Trans Pride Help-Line
  5. Trans Pride Monthly Community Dinners/Town-Hall Meetings

1. The Trans Pride Tailor Shop

As an organisation aiming to raise awareness of mental health diversity and stigma, we face many avenues where we could promote our cause. Social media is arguably amongst the most efficient ways to reach people from all over Pakistan, especially those who experience difficulty in accessing help through other means. With your funds, we would be able to reach as many people as possible and connect parents to our services more efficiently. [Description Pending]

2. Trans Pride Litigation Funding

As a lawyer, Nisha Rao personally handles cases for transgenders on a pro-bono/free of cost basis.

In order to facilitate Nisha’s representation of transgenders in the Sindh High Court, our Trans Pride Litigation Funding Program allocates a sum of money towards active cases including:

    1. Rs. 3,000 per case to cover miscellaneous costs, which include transportation costs, filing and paperwork costs.
    2. Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 40,000 (as required on a case-to-case basis) to cover the emergency funding for the cash bail of transgenders in Pakistan as they are frequently arrested and wrongfully accused of committing crimes. Once an individual is bailed, the returned bail funds will be credited to Trans Pride Society and will be re-used to put up future bail costs for innocent transgenders who are wrongfully accused.

3. Awareness Workshops

In order to raise ‘Trans Pride’ awareness in society, Trans Pride Society will host wellness sessions and awareness workshops designed to conduct awareness and focus on increasing sensitivity towards transgenders in Pakistan.

The cost of each session will approximately be Rs. 5,000.

4. Trans Pride Help-Line

Trans Pride Society aims to develop a helpline for transgenders and women. Callers can approach Nisha for free legal representation and legal advice.

The cost of this helpline would be approximately Rs. 2000/per month.

5. Trans Pride Monthly Community/Town-Hall Meetings

Trans Pride Society plans on hosting monthly trans-community dinners and town-hall meetings in order to show solidarity to the trans-community. We will provide an ‘open-mic’ opportunity for transgenders to discuss their views, experiences and potential areas of development for the trans-community. This will also assist TPS in evaluating potential areas of development and future project opportunities for the trans-community.

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